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POSTED | April 11, 2017

More ELEGANT.FINE.COMFY (and practical) Spring items at endabstore now.

LUISA CERANO denim coat, jeans, & white long sleeve blouse with unique detailing.

MACKAGE white leather crossbody with chevron design hardware.

DKNY orange, perforated pinstripe design nappa leather tote.

POSTED | March 8, 2017

Spring 2017 items from ~30 collections are streaming in…

Here:  Laurèl, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Kelsi Dagger heels

POSTED | February 28, 2017


How many contributed to endabstore’s fantastic Spring 2017 photoshoot?

 <- this many


Model: Michelle

Photographer: Alfonso, Arnold

POSTED | February 21, 2017

 ANIMAPOP (Italy).

Apparel created with laser cut neoprene fabric.

Iconic Animpop dresses have contrasting REVERSIBLE print. Feels like having two dresses, not one. See blog image for the two sides of a single dress. They are wrinkle proof, do not need ironing, easy to wash which makes them extremely travel friendly.

Each dress has its own fancy print bag for easy storage.

POSTER | January 31, 2017



For the last 30 years, we’ve been united in our efforts to support the environment, human rights and initiatives for women and girls – and we believe that this work is becoming more and more important.

Our pledge in 2017 is to expand our activism and outreach , to lend our voices to help empower and protect.”


We, at Enda B Group, join you in this pledge, Eileen Fi

POSTED | January 19, 2017

A longstanding CNY custom is the giving of red envelopes.

Giving red envelopes is a way to bestow blessings of happiness, health, success and fortune to receivers.

The significance is the envelope’s red paper, not the contents (typically some form of money).

At endabstore, our annual Red Envelope/Lucky Money Drawbegins January 20.  Instead of currency, participants will find inside the envelopes, ballots with a range of differing values, which can be applied to store purchases till February 5, 2017.

POSTED | December 13. 2016

Fun filled holiday shopping continues in Point Grey Village.

You can still get a selfie with Santa this Saturday when he visits Point Grey merchants.

We hope he likes endabstore’s cookies!

POSTED | December 6, 2016


  • Limited edition DKNY twine pattern accessories
  • Eileeen Fisher vest
  • Laurèl crystal necklace
  • DKNY neoprene bonded lamb nappa handbag
  • PJ Salvage Pyjamas (selection)
  • DKNY espadrilles & matching wallets
  • DKNY tech nylon crossbody
  • Michael Kors luxe toques

many more ideas at endabstore

POSTED | November 30, 2016


‘Tis the season to have fun shopping!

At endabstore, let our stylists:

  • find items for those on your list 
  • help you refresh your holiday wardrobe
  • do all the wrapping and bow tying for you


AFTERWARDS, have a treat on us!

at the newly opened FIGARO CAFE & BAKERY, 5 doors down.

Valid: Dec 1-3, 2016. Get the gift card to use at Figaro’s at the endabstore

POSTED | November 2, 2016

Three coats from endabstore’s 30+ Fall 2016 collections.

  • Seventy.it  – exceptional collar detail


  • Oui – sumptuous grey and white textured fabric


  • Margaret O’Leary – Erin cable knit


<-  Quality in the intrinsic details…

POSTED | October 25, 2016

One of the most gratifying things our customers tell us is that they always find something here for them.

They also love spending as much time as they want/not trying on the unexpected in our relaxed, roomy boutique.

Have a glimpse at the snapshot of our Fall 2016 coats. More just arrived today!

See you soon.

POSTED | October 17, 2016 

During #TurnDownTheHeatWeek, all the cold weather clothing collected by the Point Grey Village Business Improvement Association, which endabstore belongs to, will be delivered to the Covenant House to give to homeless youth. 

Each year ~ 1400 homeless youth go to the Covenant House Vancouver to seek sanctuary and a brighter future. During these bleak, cold months, imagine how much your donation, matched by another by endab, will be appreciated. 

To learn more about a remarkable organization at work helping the vulnerable in our city check out http://www.conveanthousebc.org/about

POSTED | October 4, 2016


  • Pumps for instant sophistication
  • Sleek short boots that lend that edge while wearing jeans or dresses
  • All weather, indoor/outdoor, day/night ankle boots
  • Luxe loafer that replaced ballet as the best run-around town shoe
  • Casual sneakers for perfect weekend footwear
  • Tall flat boots – for seriously rainy West Coast days, why not Aigle French hand made rubber boots?


1. Classic day bag in black

2. Neutral Tote

3. Day Clutch

4. Metallic Minaudière (jewel case for essentials)

5. Weekend casual

6. Cross body party

7. Backpack in leather

8. Just for fun

9. Pop of colour

10. The Weekender

You’d be glad to know, you can check out bags in all these categories @ the endabstore.

POSTED | September 20, 2016


Come join the fun at the Point Grey Village Fall Festival!

Entertainment.  Yummy Food. Outdoor Market

ALSO, There’ll be a TREASURE* HUNT down the street at the endabstore that day.

* While quantities last, gift cards and $100 off minimum spend vouchers.

POSTED | September 14, 2016

Because endabstore is local, we LOVE working with local talent to reveal Fall 2016 highlights. And what amazing talent! 

A BIG THANK YOU and xoxo’s to:

  • Model:                  Michelle
  • Photographer:   Alfonso
  • Makeup:               Kiki

and the endabstore team who made it all come together:

  • Buyers
  • Stylists     

Throughout Fall & Winter watch for the images from this photoshoot!

POSTED | September 7, 2016

The Laurèl woman embodies the new femininity reflecting the philosophy of Designer Elisabeth Schwaiger:

  • strong yet feminine,
    cool yet sensual,
    tough yet empathetic,
    ambitious yet gentle.
  •  One does not exclude the other. 
  • Which is why Elisabeth’s collections are always luxurious, feminine and rich in contrasts.

Mode ist Leidenshaft   <->  Fashion is passion

POSTED | September 1, 2016


Excerpt from Repeat Cashmere’s 04/07 2016 Blog:

“The days are getting shorter, the evenings cooler.. the leaves are slowly turning yellow, orange and red…Autumn’s almost upon us.. And we’re looking forward to…

1. Going for long walks…
Warm rays of sun and colourful foliage entice us into long walks in the woods.
2. Relax in the softest and cosiest luxury
Feet snug and warm, a cosy scarf around your neck and a good book in your hand…
3. Light the candles…
And make long evenings far more romantic. Perhaps scented candles? – vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate…
4. A comforting cup of tea…
Summer’s over and the time for iced tea too. We now look forward to a freshly brewed hot cup of tea to warm our hands and hearts… 

5. Shopping…
At last, the new collections are here, three cheers for the cooler temperatures…”

Thank you Repeat Cashmere! Time to check out your irresistible Fall 2016 must-haves.

POSTED | August 24, 2016



Paul and Mendel Gottesdiener began Oui in Munich, in the 1950s.

Today, it’s still a family business with the third generation successfully running a company that’s internationally reknown for:

  • Outstanding knitwear craftsmanship
  • Prints which are expressions of joy
  • Designs which celebrate being uncompromisingly individualistic, yet harmonious.

POSTED | August 17, 2016


 In 2000, after attending design school together, Canadian childhood friends Eral Elfassy and Elisa Dahan, launched what has become one of North America’s most prestigious outerwear brands.

Mackage collections are distinctive for their sexy, modern edge.

The brand’s signature sleek, chic silhouettes, narrow at the shoulders, cinched at the waist, and slim throughout has generated Mackage a loyal following among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Mackage is now sold in over 20 countries on three continents.